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Whatever you choose, I only hope it brings light in a world that needs it.


Open Letter to The Love of My Life

To the one that got away : I realise now that I missed you most for carnival 2018. Remember when I was little? We were forced to spend time together; something about you being good for me. I fought against it with all that my small frame could muster.  I spent a lot of time with…… Continue reading Open Letter to The Love of My Life

How to Survive Trinidad Carnival as A Couple.

*this post contains Trini vernacular* Break Up.  or Fly out of the country.  Seriously:  Carnival is a time of revelry and vulgarity ;  baccanal, wildness, bambam and  *QRC confidence. It’s when some people test their body’s endurance and a time when you see everyone; you see ppl who are popular on instagram IRL  #noFilta,  friends,…… Continue reading How to Survive Trinidad Carnival as A Couple.

Ticket Etiquette for Carnival 2018

We’re in the height of #FeteSeason so before yuh get caught up, here are some tips for buyers and sellers, alike, on navigating the  fete ticket black market. *this post contains Trini vernacular. Read with an open mind .    Get yuh tickets early. Doh be askin’ fuh cheap tickets the day before the fete.…… Continue reading Ticket Etiquette for Carnival 2018

Things I learned in October

Many People Do Not Think Like Me.  I always knew this; no two persons are alike.  But when I realised that I often had to explain my train of thought; that I dance between pragmatic and incredibly romantic; that I am very matter-of-fact in  instances that seem to surprise people, I began to question friendships…… Continue reading Things I learned in October